Remote controls for WAVE

Are you looking for WAVE remote control? We have more than 3 types of WAVE remote controls. We offer both original and cheaper replacement WAVE remote controls.


Didn't find a suitable remote control? 



Wave DVD4200, ECG 53406, 53506, 53606 oryginalny pilot steruje innym wyglądem

Original remote control Wave For models: DVD2200 DVD3200 DVD3220 DVD3510 DVD4510 DVD4511 DVD4512  more  

Pilot zastępczy WAVE DVB4330 inny wygląd

Replacement remote control Wave no original (picture below).  more  

52.3 zł

Pilot zastępczy DVBT WAVE4302 DVBT inny wygląd

Replacement remote control for models: Wave 4302 Wave 4323  more  

46.6 zł

We will help you choose a remote control Wave

Fill in your contact details and write the model of your device Wave in the text of the message. You can find a model on the back of the device on the label.

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