EMERX team ltd.

Business License Number: 28635728
VAT number: CZ28635728

Registered office and billing address:
Tesinska 204, Albrechtice, 73543, Czechia


+48 511 646 548

Payment information:

Bankname: Fio banka, a.s.
Payments in EUR (€) CZ8220100000002901252802 | FIOBCZPPXXX
Payments in PLN (zł) CZ3020100000002601846457 | FIOBCZPPXXX
Zuzana Kubelová

Stock, information on the status of orders

Zuzana Kubelová E-mail: servis@emerx.cz  

Bohumil Veselý

Technical information, complaints - specialist in remote controls

Bohumil Veselý E-mail: info@emerx.cz

Pan Emerx

Mascot and web guide :-)

Mr. Emerx E-mail: emerx@emerx.cz  

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